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What are Hoodpoints and what can I do with?

Hoodpoints are the currency of the bonus system of Hoodboyz. You can collect Points and redeem for a future order or give the Hoodpoints to your friends.

How do I get Hoodpoints?

There are several ways to get Hoodpoints:

  1. On necessary refunds for example returned items that you have already paid, you could get a refund as Hoodpoints to redeem with a future order.
  2. Friends can give Hoodpoints away.

How do I redeem Hoodpoints?

At the last page of the order process, before you click "Order now", you can redeem Hoodpoints, at the top of the page, above the products summary. You also see your total hoodpoints there. The maximum of Hoodpoints, you can redeem for this order is preselected. To redeem the Hoodpoints click the "redeem" -button. Please note, that you can not combine Hoodpoints with voucher codes.

How do I give Hoodpoints to my Friends?

Open your customer account and click "Overview" at the bonus points block. There you can give away Hoodpoints to your friends. You need the email or customer id of the friend, you want to give the Hoodpoints. Please notice, that you can only give Hoodpoints away, 30 days after your first successful order.

Where do I see my Hoodpoints?

After logging in to your customer account you can see a summary of all your Hoodpoints-transactions.

How much is one Hoodpoint?

1 1,00 0.89 1,12 1.17 7,46 9,56 10,45 4,30 79,41 25,46 324,50


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